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RePETitio – PET back into the cycle 02.07.2021 | Category: Recent events

The cooperation project “RePETito” dealt with the recycling of PET packaging beyond the PET beverage…

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Plastics and Sustainability… 29.04.2021 | Category: Publications

… was the topic of the lectures at the Sustainability Weeks of the FH OÖ,…

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Virtual OE Conference 28.04.2021 | Category: Publications

Materials” (OE), which is usually held annually in Kassel, was organized this year for the…

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The 3D printing repertoire at TCKT has been expanded … 27.04.2021 | Category: Latest info

… to include the E3D Toolchanger. Four different tools can be used to process materials…

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A guideline for recycling … 24.02.2021 | Category: Publications

… is one of the main results of our cooperative project “Circumat”, where we learned…

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A new product … 21.12.2020 | Category: Latest info

… always makes us happy, especially when we were helping with the development. The children…

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