Our equipment was set up on a broad basis to enable us to solve your issues fast and efficiently in-house. The proper equipment is also essential for working on the detailed questions within our research projects. We are dedicated to continuously keep a high technical level of our equipment. If there is something you need that is not on our list, just ask– we can often help you through collaboration with one of our partners.

Mechanical Analyses

  • servohydraulic testing system MTS 370.10 Landmark ±100kN
  • allround testing machine Zwick Z150 (incl. temperature chamber)
    • incl. HCCF equipment for compression tests
    • incl. DMS boxes for measurements with resistance stain gauges
  • allround testing machine Zwick TC-FR020 TH (incl. temperature chamber)
    • incl. nitrogen tank XL 180/26 CE
    • incl. transverse strain extensiometer MFQ-R
    • incl. optical extensiometer videoXtens
    • incl. equipment for ball hardness measurements
  • allround testing machine Zwick UTS 10kN ZMART-Pro
  • allround testing machine Zwicki Z0.5 FR0.5TH.014
  • Hottiger Baldwin measurement amplifier Quantum X incl. Software Catman® Easy for measurements with resistance strain gauges
  • pendulum impact tester Zwick 5113.300
    • incl. refrigerator box -40°C to 0°C, temper magazine und –holder for impact specimen
  • Shore hardness tester Zwick 3115, Shore D hardness tester Zwick 3117

Thermal Analyses

  • differential scanning calorimetry Mettler Toledo DSC 3
    • STARe software incl. Mathematics and SW-Options ‘Advanced modelfree kinetics’, ‘CP’ and ‘TOPEM’
  • thermogravimetric analyser Mettler Toledo TGA 2
    • incl. IR coupling Redshift TG-IR Transferline
  • thermomechanical analyser Netzsch Hyperion TMA 402 F1
  • Macro TGA Leco TGA 701
  • dielectric analysator DEA 230/2 Epsilon incl. oven
  • Vicat / HDT Tester Coesfeld
  • muffle furnace Nabertherm L9/11/B170
  • muffle furnace Nabertherm LE2/11
  • thermal conductivity instrument Hot Disk TPS2200

Rheological Analyses

  • extrusion plastometer Zwick 4106
  • extrusion plastometer Zwick A Flow
  • capillary rheometer Göttfert 2001
  • capillary viscometer Xylem SI Analytics AVS® 370 Opt.
  • pvT apparatus Pirouette model no. P09018
  • rheometer Anton Paar Physica MCR 501 (PP25, CP25, DMTA)
  • Brookfield viscosimeter LVDV-II+PRO

Microscopic Analyses

  • optical analyzing system Olympus BX 61
    • incl. DP27 microscope camera with Olympus stream software
    • incl. z-axes coding
    • incl. polarisation device
    • tensile test (small forces) for measurements under the microscope
  • stereomicroscope Zeiss Stemi 2000-C
  • motorized rotational microtome Leica RM2255
  • grinding and polishing machine Struers LabPol

Other Analyses

  • density set Satorius YDK01
  • Gas pycnometer Anton Paar ULTRAPYC 1200E
  • sieving machine Analysette 3
  • coulometric titration Karl Fischer Metrohm 737 KF Coulometer
  • artificial weathering tester ATLAS Weather - Ometer Ci 4000
  • accelerated weathering tester Q-Lab QUV/spray
  • Dynamic climate chambers Binder MKFT 240 E3.2
  • Color Matching Cabinet PCE GTI MM-2e UV
  • combined colour and gloss analyser Byk spectro-guide sphere gloss
  • Gloss meter Byk micro-TRI-gloss
  • Erichsen hardness test pin, model 318
  • chemical laboratory for simple analyses like extraction, fibre volume content determination
  • 2D and 3D permeability apparatus (self-made)
  • ultrasonic testing system OmniScan MX incl. 16:64 Phased Array module and water basin
  • IR Spectrometer Perkin Elmer Spectrum Two FTIR with ATR measuring attachment
  • UV-VIS Spectrometer Perkin Elmer Lambda 800
  • Headspace Gas chromatograph Perkin Elmer GC Clarus 580 (HS-GC with Flame Ionization Detector)
  • Thermal Desorption Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometry Shimadzu TD20/GCMX QP2020
  • kofler heating bench
  • Infrared camera Volton 33.45 OPTXI40LTF13T090 Xi 400

Specimen Preparation

  • dry-air dryer Motan Luxor 120
  • hot air dryer Motan (4 hoppers)
  • milling machine for sample preparation Coesfeld CPM 3020
  • milling machine isel ICP 4030
  • sample punch
  • specimen preparation saw Mutronic Diadisc 4200
  • cut-off machine for CFRP preparation
  • conditioning cabinet Binder KFR 240 and KF720
  • drying cabinet Heraeus
  • universal heating cabinet Memmert UFB 400, UF 55, UF 55 plus, IF 55
  • vacuum drying cabinet Binder VD 115, VD 23
  • Variable-Speed Rotor Mill Fritsch Pulverisette
  • shredder Wittmann MAS2 (incl. sieves 4 & 10 mm)


  • Solid Works
  • SolidWorks Simulation

Material Development

  • lab compounder ThermoFisher TSE 24 MC with strand granulation
    • incl. 6 continous gravimetric feeders Process Control
    • incl. 2 double screw side-feeders
    • incl. optional die-face pelletizer Erema HGL 80
    • incl. optional underwater pelletizing Econ EUP 10
  • Brabender Plasti – Corder incl. single screw extruder and 50ml mixing chamber
  • Thermo Haake Rheocord 90 with 19mm single screw extruder
    • incl. concial twin screw extruder and mixing chamber
  • Mixer Diekers & Söhne Diosna R10B
  • heating press Wickert WLP 80/4/3
  • heating/cooling press Höfer H10
  • laboratory pelletizer Kahl 14-175
  • fiber coating unit (self-construction)
  • fiber cutting unit (self-construction)
  • fiber preparation unit (fiber spreader)
  • SLS 3D-Printer Anycubic Photon UV SLA LCD Resin 3D printer
  • Renkforce filament 3D-Printer RF2000 V2


  • EREMA continuous agglomerator KAG 605 -Spezial
  • single-screw extruder Betol BK50
  • co-extruder GCE 41-T
  • inert gas dosing system DSD 500, type A
  • flat film extrusion line P/M Plastic Maschinenbau
  • blown film line Alpine HS 35T

Injection Molding

  • injection molding machine Engel Victory 330/80
    • incl. IR heating device
  • injection molding machine Engel Victory 650/150 Tech

    • mold temperature control Robamat
  • babyplast injection moulding machine type 6/10 P - T


  • autoclave AK140/300
  • pilot plant for RTM-Process Isojet
  • 2k injection unit
  • RTM press W 1649 (680kN)
  • industrial furnace Hofmann
  • pressure pot and vakuum pumps for infusion
  • Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) Fill SM 03
  • Decumed injection machine Unidos 300

version / July 2019