Materials development

We develop various materials – filled polyolefins, fibre reinforced polyamides, recyclate based formulations or high performance polymer compounds, just to name some representatives from our list. In our more than 10 years of experience, built up through a high number of R&D-projects we have a well situated combination of equipment and the know-how to use it properly. Furthermore we also develop screw configurations for your materials or to extrude the proper filament for your 3D-print. Just ask – we are also capable of producing sample lots for your application oriented tests.
In the scope of this working area we have developed and tested a lot of formulations for different applications. Examples are recyclate based formulations, where we deal with materials preparation and dosability as well as additive choice and processability. Another focus lies on biobased materials, like bioplastics, but also biofibre reinforced materials, where besides the thermal stability of the materials also a stable process has to be established for producing such compounds. Our infrastructure also comprises a flat die pelletizer to improve dosability of materials as well as a high speed mixer where we can coat or pre-treat fillers.


Our equipment was set up on a broad basis, to have the possibility of solving your questions fast and reliable in house, but also to have the proper equipment for working on the detailed questions within our research projects. We also aim to keep a high technical level for our equipment. If you are missing something, just ask – very often we can help you together with one of our partners.


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