Industry orders

In the scope of our industry order department we solve your everyday plastics problems, regardless if materials characterisation or troubleshooting, producing specimen and formed parts, or innovative, feasibility studies. Just contact us; our team is there to help you with your inquiries.

Materials characterisation

For materials characterisation our team tests plastics, but also parts in regard to their properties after different standards – regardless of mechanical, thermal, rheological or physical characterisation. Many years of testing expertise in combination with the wide know-how in interpreting the results are there for your advantage. Let us know what we can test for you.

Materials development

We develop various materials – filled polyolefins, fibre reinforced polyamides, recyclate based formulations or high performance polymer compounds, just to name some representatives from our list. In our more than 10 years of experience, built up through a high number of R&D-projects we have a well situated combination of equipment and the know-how to use it properly. Furthermore we also develop screw configurations for your materials or to extrude the proper filament for your 3D-print. Just ask – we are also capable of producing sample lots for your application oriented tests.

Processing techniques

Plastics have to be, besides having a suitable property profile, processable properly, regardless of the processing route, e.g. injection moulding, film extrusion or foaming. We have a motivated and experienced team as well as the proper equipment for your processing route of choice. For upscaling we have partners, with whom we can aid you along the process. Also we have the possibility to produce injection moulding tool inserts with our rapid-tooling-system in a short amount of time, so you have the possibility to test your ideas with life sized parts.


Composites are definitely a hot topic for the future, although these already found some distribution throughout different applications in industry. We are capable of all the typical composite processing techniques for producing test plaques, medium sized parts and also sandwiches, like hand lamination, infusion techniques or resin transfer moulding (RTM). Also a pilot sized autoclave is available for your trials. Our experience covers working with different reinforcements, e.g. glass, carbon and also natural fibres and also core and resin materials. Furthermore, our test lab is capable of the different composite specific standards, to also test the produced composites. Let us know which part or composite you are interested in.