The TCKT Team

Our team comprises researchers from different disciplines – plastics, chemical and automation engineers, to name some – who are working multidisciplinary on your research questions. A broad level of support for them is coming from our technicians, who are specialised in plastics processing, testing and chemical engineering. Students working at the TCKT as part of our team profit from the available knowledge and experience. Last but not least an efficient group works all the issues of administration, ranging from purchasing, shipping, accounting, controlling, marketing and all other necessities to run a smooth TCKT.


  • Dr. Christoph Burgstaller Read more Dr. Christoph Burgstaller

    [javascript protected email address] +43 7242 2088 1017


  • DI Volker Reisecker Read more DI Volker Reisecker

    [javascript protected email address] +43 7242 2088 1021

  • DI Rotraud Freytag Read more DI Rotraud Freytag

    [javascript protected email address] +43 7242 2088 1003

  • DI Sarah Heinrich Read more DI Sarah Heinrich

    [javascript protected email address] +43 7242 2088 1030

  • DI (FH) Birgit Hornitschek, MSc Read more DI (FH) Birgit Hornitschek, MSc

    [javascript protected email address] +43 7242 2088 1023

  • Ing. Harald Ladner Read more Ing. Harald Ladner

    [javascript protected email address] +43 7242 2088 1011

  • Ing. Karl Moser, MSc Read more Ing. Karl Moser, MSc

    [javascript protected email address] +43 7242 2088 1016

  • DI Thomas Höftberger Read more DI Thomas Höftberger
  • Dr. Martina Prambauer Read more Dr. Martina Prambauer
  • Bianca Purgleitner, MSc Read more Bianca Purgleitner, MSc
  • DI Hannes Stadler Read more DI Hannes Stadler
  • DI Kerstin Koller (formerly: Steyrl) Read more DI Kerstin Koller (formerly: Steyrl)
  • DI (FH) Jörn Weitzenböck Read more DI (FH) Jörn Weitzenböck
  • DI Nina Wolfsgruber Read more DI Nina Wolfsgruber



Junior Researchers