DI Thomas Höftberger

DI Thomas Höftberger Researcher

Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Hoeftberger started, after finishing his apprenticeship as a plastics technician, working at the TCKT in July 2013 as a trainee during his bachelor’s degree. He studied at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria “Development engineer / in metal and plastics technology” and graduated in 2016. He wrote his bachelor thesis on “The influence of injection moulding parameters and the formulation on the properties of ribbed glass-polyamide 6 composites“ at the TCKT.
He completed his Master’s Degree in “Development Engineer / Plastics Technology” at the FH Upper Austria in 2018, with his Master’s thesis on “Forming and back injection of Organic Sheets of Polyamide 6 and Glass Fibers” at the TCKT.
Since October 2018 he works as a researcher at the TCKT. Since then, he has been involved in the fields of additive tooling for prototype production, short fiber reinforced thermoplastics, plastics processing, 3D printing and construction.

Selected publications: