Composites are definitely a hot topic for the future, although these already found some distribution throughout different applications in industry. We are capable of all the typical composite processing techniques for producing test plaques, medium sized parts and also sandwiches, like hand lamination, infusion techniques or resin transfer moulding (RTM). Also a pilot sized autoclave is available for your trials. Our experience covers working with different reinforcements, e.g. glass, carbon and also natural fibres and also core and resin materials. Furthermore, our test lab is capable of the different composite specific standards, to also test the produced composites. Let us know which part or composite you are interested in.
Composites are already found in different areas, like aerospace, automotive and sports goods, but there are many other ideas for composite applications. We have partners for tooling and also already some expertise with thermoplastic composites. Additionally we have different possibilities for processing composite parts and materials and the subsequent testing. Let us know your ideas, we are happy to aid your development.


Our equipment was set up on a broad basis, to have the possibility of solving your questions fast and reliable in house, but also to have the proper equipment for working on the detailed questions within our research projects. We also aim to keep a high technical level for our equipment. If you are missing something, just ask – very often we can help you together with one of our partners.


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