At the TCKT we do not only research in projects, we also publish our result – always in coordination and accordance with our partners. Find here a selection of our publications.


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  • K. Moser, M. Prambauer, S. Riepler, C. Burgstaller; Modification of PLA by reactive extrusion for industrial fiber applications; Global Fibre Congress 2021; online (Dornbirn)
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  • P. Kiss, J. Glinz, W. Stadlbauer, C. Burgstaller, V.M. Archodoulaki; The effect of thermally desized carbon fibre reinforcement on the flexural and impact properties of PA6, PPS and PEEK composite laminates: A comparative study; Composites Part B: Engineering XY (2021) 215 108844
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  • Martina Prambauer, Helene Hoffmann, Manuel Eicher, Christoph Burgstaller; Using degradable bioplastics in short-lived geotextile applications; Bioplastics - Science meets industry; online
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  • H. Stadler; Luftfahrt rCF für Flugzeug-Interior; FFG TakeOff Workshop; online
  • C. Burgstaller; Overview: Compatibilizers for Plastic Recyclates; Hanser Forum Plastic Recylates; online
  • C. Burgstaller; Influence of additive type on the properties of polyolefin-blends from recycling; 2021 SPE International Virtual Polyolefins Conference; online
  • M. Längauer, F. Brunnthaller, G. Zitzenbacher, C. Burgstaller, C. Hochenauer; Modeling of the anisotropic thermal conductivity of fabrics embedded in a thermoplastic matrix system; Polymer Composites 42(4) 2021 2050-2060