At the TCKT we do not only research in projects, we also publish our result – always in coordination and accordance with our partners. Find here a selection of our publications.


  • Reinhard Forstner, Wolfgang Stadlbauer; Properties of high impact modified PLA and PLA-man made cellulose fibre compounds; ECCM 14, Budapest, Hungary
  • C. Burgstaller, W. Stadlbauer; The effects of compatibilizers in injection moulded wood plastic composites; ANTEC2010, Orlando, FL, USA
  • Thomas Auinger, Manfred Stadlbauer; Inter-relationship between processing conditions and mechanical properties of blown film from different polypropylenes and high melt strength polypropylene blends; Journal of Applied Polymer Science
  • C. Jördens, M. Scheller, S. Wietzke, D. Romeike, C. Jansen, T. Zengraf, K. Wiesauer, V. Reisecker, M. Koch; Terahertz spectroscopy to study the orientation of glass fibres in reinforced plastics; Composites Science and Technology, Volume 70, issue 3 (2010), pp. 472-477