At the TCKT we do not only research in projects, we also publish our result – always in coordination and accordance with our partners. Find here a selection of our publications.


  • C. Burgstaller, B. M. Lekube, B. Riedl and W. Stadlbauer; Biopolymers in mixed waste streams: Effects of PLA in PET and PS; BEPS - 21st Annual Meeting of the Bioenvironmental Polymer Society, Warwick, UK
  • C. Burgstaller; Influence of film former type and fiber length on processing and properties of sisal fiber reinforced polypropylene; ANTEC 2013, Cincinnati, OH, USA
  • C. Burgstaller, B. Riedl and W. Stadlbauer; The influence of compatibilizer type and concentration on the properties of immiscible polymer blends; ANTEC 2013, Cincinnati, OH, USA
  • C. Burgstaller; Investigations on the properties of polypropylene with bio-fillers and natural reinforcements; SPEs International Polyolefins Conference, Houston, TX, USA
  • András Sudár, María J. López, Gergely Keledi, M. Carmen Vargas-García, Francisca Suárez-Estrella, Joaquín Moreno, Christoph Burgstaller, Béla Pukánszky; Ecotoxicity and fungal deterioration of recycled polypropylene/wood composites: Effect of wood content and coupling; Chemosphere 93/2 (2013), pp. 408-414
  • C. Burgstaller and G. Schaffler; Unconventional applications of man-made fibres: Flame retardant PLA-fibres for insulating materials; World Textile Information Network