Health at Work-Award

Health at Work-Award 30.03.2023 | Category: Recent events

For the second time TCKT has received the award for health advancement at work. It has been granted to us for another three years (2023 - 2025). This time the award ceremony took place at the Ursulinenhof in Linz. Redl Christian was invited as keynote speaker. He is an apnoea diver and has set eleven world records, three of them are still held.

So far, no world records have been set at the TCKT, but in addition to our research activities, the health measures for our staff since the last award are quite impressive:

    • 3 times a week the opportunity for 10 minutes of fitness during working hours
    • Possibility to participate in various online health courses of the ÖGK
    • Two days memory training "BrainJuggling" with Mr. Walter Pötsch
    • Nine height-adjustable worktables were purchased (more will follow)
    • Trip to Salzburg to strengthen staff cooperation
    • From ear to ear: regular hearing screening for all staff members
    • MindGuard seminar: mental strengthening and strategies for coping with stress

Now, of course, we have to continue and improve. The point is: our employees are very important to us.

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