Virtual OE Conference

Virtual OE Conference 28.04.2021 | Category: Publications

Materials" (OE), which is usually held annually in Kassel, was organized this year for the first time as a virtual online event. In one and a half days, various lectures from industry and science were held on the topic of odor reduction, emission analysis and practical applications. In addition to the series of lectures, there were also exhibition schedules in which exhibitors could present their innovations in virtual rooms. TCKT was involved in the scientific program with a poster contribution on the topic: "Influence of natural zeolite in post-consumer plastics on total emissions". In a separate poster session, we could present the results of our research project “ReZeoSorb” to interested visitors. The conference provided an excellent update in the field of emission analytics and gave a good overview about current research fields.

Despite the efforts of the organizer (even an after-show event was held), networking did not succeed as well as in the face-to-face gathering. Nevertheless, the meeting can be highly recommended and we hope that next year an analog OE conference will be possible again.

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