Visiting the OE in Kassel

Visiting the OE in Kassel 09.03.2020 | Category: Publications

At the beginning of March, the 22nd conference on odour and emissions of plastic materials (OE) took place in Kassel and the TCKT was visiting the event for the first time. Two interesting days are laying behind us, with many talks about the determination of VOC and FOG of plastic materials. Also a small poster session accompanied the presentations. This way we could educate ourselves on the topic of emission analytics and get into contact with a lot of users in this area. TCKT contributed with two poster presentations to the scientific program:

  • Martina Prambauer: Influence of halogen-free flame retardants on the emissions of synthetic fibers
  • Thomas Höftberger: The influence of processing on the mechanical properties and emissions of recycled polyolefin

The OE conference was a successful event and we are looking forward to the next volume in the coming year.

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