Greetings from Anaheim…

Greetings from Anaheim… 11.05.2017 | Category: Publications

… from ANTEC, the World’s biggest annual plastics engineering conference (hosted by the Society of Plastics Engineers), which was held in Anaheim, California, this year. Important trends discussed during the conference were “Additive manufacturing” and “Sustainability”. Recycling of cross-linked polymers, such as rubber or thermosets was the topic of several presentations. TCKT was represented by Blanca Maria Lekube with a talk titled „Study of Fiber Length and Modeling of Partially Compacted, Commingled Polypropylene Glass Fiber Fleece Composites“. Christoph Burgstaller referred about „The Influence of Blend Composition on the Properties of LDPE-PA6-EVAL-Blends“.

An additional highlight was the “Women’s breakfast” which was organized by four women who are very successful in the male dominated US plastics industry since many years. They shared all the difficulties they had to overcome on their way to success to inspire women not to give up on their goals.

Although this year’s conference was smaller than usual, the quality was as high as expected. We are looking forward to next year’s edition in Orlando!

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