Project day of the Europagymnasium Baumgartenberg

Project day of the Europagymnasium Baumgartenberg 07.07.2016 | Category: Recent events

The annual project day of Europagymnasium at the TCKT is already tradition!

Also this year, we welcomed eight interested pupils and their teachers at the TCKT, for a project day where the young people can experience the world of plastics technology.

At the beginning Mr. Meinecke, from Borealis, gave a lecture about the manufacturing of plastics. After this, the pupils exercise the preparation, the processing and the testing of plastics in practice. Therefore compounds as well as flat- and blown-films were manufactured and tested with different methods. The pupils also got an insight in the field of activity of the TCKT as well as in the wide field of application of plastics.

For the pupils, the most exciting things of the day were the film extrusion, as well as the impact bending test, were the samples really crack loudly. We look forward to the next visit of the Europagymnasium and wish them beautiful and relaxing holiday!

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