Opt. Solutions

The aim of the ‘Opt_Solutions’ project is to establish a cross-industry network of cooperating companies/SMEs. Through the transfer of customised know-how (by the participating research partners and external lecturers) and its joint implementation in the project, a collective added value is to be achieved in the network (learning by doing). The partners will work together on the complex requirements for the design and production of innovative optical applications in real case studies. These include targeted, energy-saving light control/distribution using microstructured films; the space-saving integration of electronics in the form of printed circuits and the development of highly thermally conductive special compounds made of plastics, as the use of LEDs generates a lot of heat at certain points, which needs to be dissipated cost-effectively. The challenge is to integrate a wide range of expertise (lighting design, various simulation techniques, microstructuring of films, integration of electronics, special compounds for plastics) in the form of a product.

The new expertise generated in the project, close cooperation between the partners and intensive exchange within the network will result in a leap in innovation for all partners, especially the SMEs involved, which will enable them to systematically pursue new solutions in the field of innovative optical applications in the future and to remain competitive in this rapidly developing market.

As part of the project, TCKT was able to research thermally conductive plastic compounds in collaboration with OK & Partner and compare them with conventional thermally conductive materials in simple applications.