Sustainable Plastics …

Sustainable Plastics … 02.08.2021 | Category: Allgemein

... is that true at all? The topic or the field of tension between plastics, waste and recycling will be presented in an overview in a lecture by Christoph Burgstaller. While plastics are often fundamentally sustainable in their applications because, for example, they are durable and protect the packaged goods with little material input, they are a problem when carelessly disposed of. With proper disposal and high-quality recycling, these valuable materials can also be kept back in the life cycle, thus generating additional positive environmental effects. The results from the projects shown in the lecture point the way to more sustainable plastics and show that the Upper Austrian research and business landscape is an innovative pioneer in this field.

"Designed for Recycling - Kunststoffe für die Kreislaufwirtschaft (UAR Innovation Network 360°)"

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