Business Run 2019

Business Run 2019 27.05.2019 | Category: Behind the Scenes, Personnel

This year a lot of colleagues have motivated themselves to the Business Run, namely 19 out of 42. That is indeed very remarkable! Thank you Harald for your convincing!

In order to be optimally prepared for the race, pasta was eaten together as usual on the day of the race. But this year we cooked for our own.

The run itself took place under optimal conditions. And the majority of our runners were amazed at their performances. In the run-up to the race there were already some internal bets on the personal running times. And everybody has achieved their goals.

The TCKT best time ever achieved in 2015 could barely be broken. But Philipp can be quite satisfied with the 47th place of almost 2000 men and a running time of 18:36,4.

Great performance of all runners and walkers!

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