TCKT @DVSPM in Vienna!

TCKT @DVSPM in Vienna! 11.09.2017 | Category: Publications

A broad representation of TCKT participated last week in the 2nd Danube Vltava Sava Polymer Meeting (DVSPM) in Vienna, which was hosted by the Technical University of Vienna. With the Motto “Building Polymer Bridges” fundamental aspects of the plastics technology such as polymer processing, chemistry and characterization were discussed there. TCKT presented four topics from various fields of research:

  • Christoph Burgstaller „The Influence of Processing and Formulation on the Properties of Polyamide-Polyethylene Blends“
  • Martina Prambauer „Processing of Paper Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene Composites“
  • Blanca Maria Lekube „Investigations on the Mechanical Recycling of Bioplastic Film Materials”
  • Karl Moser “Influence of the Composition on the Impact Damage Resistance of Thermoplastic Polymer Composites" *

As part of the conference the International Hermann F. Mark Symposium was organized by the OFI, in which industry-related topics of the polymer science were presented. The high quality of the presentations made for a very interesting conference. We are looking forward to the next edition in 2019!

* The project “ProFVK” is co-funded by the European Union and the province of Upper Austria within the funding scheme EFRD “IWB 2014-2020”.

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