Bonjour EPF 2017!

Bonjour EPF 2017! 10.07.2017 | Category: Publications

The TCKT visited the 16th EPF European Polymer Congress, which took place in Lyon during the first week of July. With the slogan “From last trends in polymer science to cutting-edge industrial innovations” a diversified program ranging from macromolecular synthesis to topics such as processing, simulation and characterization of polymer materials was offered during the 5 days of the event. Also a poster contribution of the TCKT in cooperation with the JKU Linz addressing the topic “Determination of porosity and fiber-embedding by TGA and AFM/RAMAN spectroscopy of paper-polypropylene composites”, which was presented by Martina Prambauer was in the scientific program.
The congress also included two new workshops this year (Industrial Polymer Future Forum and Smart Polymer Textiles), which had the aim to improve the scientific exchange between academia and industry.

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