Visit at the ICNF2017

Visit at the ICNF2017 30.06.2017 | Category: Publications

The TCKT participated in the 3rd edition of the International Conference on Natural Fibers from 21.–23. of June in Braga, Portugal. The conference takes place every two years and was organized by the University of Minho this year. The high quality of the scientific program as well as the international audience made this conference visit a highlight in the field of natural fibers and bio-composites events.
The content of the scientific program comprised several aspects regarding the characterization, modification and application of natural fibers, such as wood components, flax, hemp, sisal and cellulose nanomaterials. The TCKT contributed to the event with a talk about “Paper As Reinforcement In Thermoplastic Composites: Characterization Of Porosity, Crystallinity and Water Uptake“ by Martina Prambauer.
At the end of the conference the attendees visited the festival of St. John, which is celebrated in the whole city of Braga making it an unforgettable event.

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