New test method – solvent viscosimetry

New test method – solvent viscosimetry 07.11.2016 | Category: Recent events

TCKT has extended its range of test methods. Within research in the field of reactive coupling with fillers, one has to evaluate the coupling as well as the chain scission and the subsequent chain length reduction. In this case solvent viscosimetry, e.g. with a Ubbelohde capillary, is the method of choice. Alternative methods, e.g. from rheology, are influenced heavily through the presence of a filler in the melt, and are therefore only applicable with limitations. In addition, solvent viscosimetry is also necessary for investigations in recycling and materials degradation, where PET, polyolefins and PA are measured. The standards here are ISO-1628 (-1, -2, -3, -5) as well as ISO-307. If you are interested in some measurements, please contact us.

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