Conference visit BiPoCo 2016 in Szeged, Hungary

Conference visit BiPoCo 2016 in Szeged, Hungary 02.09.2016 | Category: Publications

The TCKT was participating in the 3rd International Conference on Bio-Based Polymers and Composites (BiPoCo2016) in Szeged, Hungary at the end of August this year. The conference, which was comprised of approx. 200 participants, takes place every two years and is organized by the Budapest University of Technology and Science. The TCKT was represented by three presentations in the scientific program, with the aim of sharing and discussing the results of our current projects. Christoph Burgstaller gave an interesting lecture about the water uptake in wood-plastic-composites and was chairing the session Bio-Composites as well. Also Blanca Lekube initiated an interesting discussion about flax-fiber-reinforced composites after her talk about these materials. The third presentation was held by Martina Prambauer, giving insights of her current PhD studies with the topic of paper plastic laminates. Additionally, the discussion of our results with international colleagues in such a nice atmosphere made this conference visit a very special one and we are looking forward to the next edition of this conference in two years!
  • C. Burgstaller, Water uptake in wood plastic composites: Formulation effects and strategies for reduction
  • B.M. Lekube, Influence of fabric type and polymer matrix on the properties of flax based composites
  • M. Prambauer, Utilizing paper as a sustainable reinforcement material in thermoplastic composite laminates

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