TCKT @ ECCM17 01.07.2016 | Category: Publications

The TCKT was represented at this year’s 17th European Conference on Composite materials (ECCM) in Munich, which was under the patronage of the European Society of Composite Materials (ESCM) and was co-organised by the TU München, the Institute for Carbon Composites, the Association Carbon Composites and the cluster MAI Carbon. Christoph Burgstaller was part of the scientific committee and also served as chairman at the conference. To further promote TCKTs research, Martina Prambauer gave an excellent presentation on the topic of “Composites from paper laminates”, which got great feedback afterwards. From our point of view the conference was very successful (with approx. 1500 attendees and more than 800 presentations) and we are looking forward to the next edition of this series in two years.

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