DI (FH) Jörn Weitzenböck

DI (FH) Jörn Weitzenböck Senior Researcher

DI (FH) Jörn Weitzenböck is a senior researcher at the TCKT. After his study of “Automatisierte Anlagen & Prozesstechnik” at the University of Applied Sciences in Wels, he has worked initially as industrial engineer and afterwards as R&D project engineer at the FACC in Sankt Martin, which was the foundation for the research work with fibre-reinforced plastic. This experience was further improved with his work in two other composite-companies.
Since 2011 he works at TCKT and has led more than 10 different research projects with industry involvement, that were dealing with the development of materials and processes in the field of fibre-reinforced plastics in different industries (e.g. aviation, automobile and medical engineering).

Selected publications: