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Material Testing

Mechanical Analyses 

  • servohydraulic testing system MTS 370.10 Landmark ±100kN
  • allround testing machine Zwick Z150  (incl. temperature chamber)
    HCCF equipment for compression tests
  • DMS boxes for measurements with resistance stain gauges
  • Hottiger Baldwin measurement amplifier Quantum X incl. Software Catman Easy for measurements with resistance strain gauges
  • allround testing machine Zwick TC-FR020 TH  (incl. temperature chamber)
    incl. nitrogen tank XL 180/26 CE
    incl. equipment for ball hardness measurements
  • allround testing machine Zwick UTS 10kN ZMART-Pro
  • allround testing maschine Zwicki Z0.5 FR0.5TH.014
  • pendulum impact tester Zwick 5113.300
    incl. refrigerator box -40°C to 0°C, temper magazine und –holder for
    impact specimen
  • Shore hardness tester Zwick 3115, Shore D hardness tester Zwick 3117

Thermal Ananlyses 

  • differential scanning calorimetry Mettler Toledo DSC 822 e/400
    STARe software incl. Mathematics and SW-Options ‘Advanced modelfree
    kinetics’ and ‘CP’
  • thermogravimetric analyzer Mettler Toledo TGA / SDTA 851
  • Macro TGA Leco TGA 701
  • dielectric analysator DEA 230/2 Epsilon incl. oven
  • Vicat / HDT Tester Coesfeld
  • muffle furnace Nabertherm L9/11/B170
  • muffle furnace Nabertherm LE2/11

Rheological Analyses 

  • extrusion plastometer Zwick 4106 
  • capillary rheometer Göttfert 2001
  • pvT apparatus Pirouette model no. P09018
  • rheometer Anton Paar Physica MCR 501
  • Brookfield Viskosimeter LVDV-II+PRO

Microscopic Analyses 

  • optical analyzing system Olympus BX 61
    incl. ColorView II Camera System pro with analysis software
    incl. polarisation device
    tensile test (small forces) for measurements under the microscope
  • stereomicroscope Zeiss Stemi 2000-C
  • motorized rotational microtome Leica RM2255
  • grinding and polishing machine Struers LabPol

Other Analyses 

  • density set Satorius AX224
  • sieving machine Analysette 3
  • coulometric titration Karl Fischer Metrohm 737 KF Coulomter
  • combined colour and gloss analyser Byk spectro-guide sphere gloss
  • artificial weathering tester ATLAS Weather - Ometer Ci 4000
  • Erichsen hardness test pin, model 318
  • chemical laboratory for simple analyses
  • 2D and 3D permeability apparatus (self-made)
  • ultrasonic testing system OmniScan MX incl. 16:64 Phased Array module and water basin IR Spectrometer Perkin Elmer Spectrum Two FTIR with ATR measuring attachment

Specimen Preparation

  • dry-air dryer Motan Luxor 120
  • hot air drier Motan (4 hoppers)
  • milling machine for sample preparation Coesfeld CPM 3020 
  • sample punch
  • specimen preparation saw Mutronic Diadisc 4200
  • cut-off machine for CFRP preparation
  • conditioning cabinet Binder KFR 240 and KF720
  • drying cabinet Heraeus
  • universal heating cabinet Memmert UFB 400, UF 55
  • vacuum drying cabinet Binder VD 115
  • Variable-Speed Rotor Mill Fritsch Pulverisette
  • shredder Wittmann MAS2 (incl. sieves 4 & 10 mm)

Material Development

  • lab compounder Prism TSE 24 HC 
    incl. 6 continous gravimetric feeders Process Control
    incl. optional die-face pelletizer HGL 80
  • Compounder APV (40mm)
    incl. 3 continous gravimetric feeders Brabender
  • Brabender Plasti – Corder incl. single screw extruder and 50ml mixing chamber
  • Thermo Haake Rheocord 19mm single screw extruder
    incl. concial twin screw extruder and mixing chamber
  • Mixer Diekers & Söhne Diosna R10B
  • heating press Wickert WLP 80/4/3 
  • heating/cooling press Höfer H10
  • laboratory pelletizer Kahl 14-175


  • conical twin screw extruder Cincinnati FIBEREX T58 
    incl. downstream line Greiner GENIUS,
    incl. gravimetric feeder K-Tron,
    incl. 4 volumetric feeders Plasticolor
    incl. optional die-face pelletizer HGL 120
  • EREMA continuous agglomerator KAG 605 -Spezial
  • single-screw extruder Betol BK50
  • inert gas dosing system DSD 500, type A
  • flat film extrusion line P/M Plastic Maschinenbau
  • blown film line Alpine HS 35T


Injection Molding

  • injection molding machine Engel Victory 330/80 
  • injection molding machine Engel Victory 650/150 Tech
    mold temperature control Robamat
  • babyplast injection moulding machine type 6/10 P - T



  • autoclave AK140/300
  • pilot plant for RTM-Process Isojet 
  • RTM press W 1649 (680kN)
  • industrial furnace Hofmann
  • pressure pot and vakuum pumps for infusion

version / September 2015






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